Alright, that might be a tad bit harsh. Bethlehem Shoals formerly of Free Darko, and now writing for GQ’s, the The Classical examined the truth behind Mike D’Antoni’s legacy.

The article isn’t as scathing as the headline, but it’s a very interesting read on Mike D’Antoni and the truth behind the accepted perception of his being an offensive “mad scientist”.

I’m not going to give a full review of the article here, but you should definitely head over to the Classical to read Shoals piece entitled “The Many Evils of Mike D’Antoni“.

Out of all the things I’ve read post D’Antoni’s “resignation” this has been the most interesting and thought provoking concerning his legacy as well as his tenures in New York and Phoenix.

I’ve always been a big fan of Mike D’Antoni and I know that some team will give him another shot. The truth is that his issues with Carmelo do fall somewhere to blame in between the wills of both men. Melo should have been more accepting of the system and D’Antoni should have catered his offense to emphasize the talents of his roster.

It still pisses me off that they are just starting to play defense now. If someone could explain that to me I would really appreciate it.

(Quick aside on Free Darko: I missed the boat during their initial run and Jesus am I angry about it. I’ve read a good amount of the Undisputed Guide to Pro Basketball and it’s fantastic. Now I know what people who have found Arrested Development in the past few years feel like.)

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