Tip-off: 7:00 p.m

Where: Air Canada Centre

Starting Lineups

New York Knicks (23-24)

PG: Jeremy Lin

SG: Landry Fields

SF: Carmelo Anthony

PF: Amar’e Stoudemire

C:  Tyson Chandler

Toronto Raptors (15-32)

PG: Jose Calderon

SG: DeMar DeRozan

SF: James Johnson

PF: Andrea Bargnani

C:  Aaron Gray

Keys to the Game:

1.  Make it 6 straight. Keep the pressure on the Sixers and Celtics and don’t kill the momentum this team has built up since the coaching change.

2. Get Carmelo going. Whether its an injury or something else, Carmelo has been struggling greatly. If the Knicks want to make the playoffs their best player needs to score the ball.

3. This is the Knicks last game against the Raptors this year, and they need to take advantage of the lesser competition. The Knicks also have a game on Saturday against the Pistons that is a must win. Before

4. Keep your eyes on Bargnani vs Stoudemire. Stoudemire should be able to shut down Bargnani if he keeps playing the level of defense he has since Woodson has taken over. Bargnani has also struggled since returning from injury. This matchup is probably the key to tonights game.

5. Get Novak some more minutes. He barely played against Philly, Novakcaine is a fixture in this line-up, he needs to be treated as such and get consistent minutes.

Watch the game on MSG and check back to STATandSTUFF.com for in-game tweets.

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