Marc Spears of Yahoo! sports again with some breaking Knicks news.

I’m glad for Chandler as the Knicks defensive improvement  can most certainly be attributed to the play of their anchor in the middle. I can’t understand fans being upset that the Knicks used the amnesty clause on Billups so they could sign Chandler. I get their frustration wasn’t at all the Chandler signing, it was the fact they wouldn’t be able to use the clause on Amar’e if need be. But without Chandler this team doesn’t even come close to making the playoffs this season. Without Chandler this team won’t have a shot to win a championship in the next three seasons either.

Chandler has talked about his goal of winning this individual award in the past and I am extremely happy for him. Now let’s hope he stays healthy and anchors the middle for this team during a championship season.

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